Get Out of Bed Tour

At the Double in Dublin

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  • 07/07/2011

Tom Gee gigs in Dublin
What a hectic and fantastic start to our Irish leg of the ‘Get Out of Bed’ tour. Best laid plans and all that… We got off the Ferry about 4:30pm and the plan was to go set up camp (literally) at a campsite in Naas, equi-distant between Dublin and Portlaoise (the location of the next gig).
We hadn’t figured on the Dublin vs Kilkenny hurling final. Naas is south of Dublin, Kilkenny is south of Dublin…aarggh! After 1hour and 1 mile travelled we turned back and headed for the first of our two gigs of the evening – Saucy Sundays at The Grand Social.

For some of the guys this was the first time they had been in Ireland – They all now want to come back. The gig was great and the crowd fantastic and a big shout out to Lisa McLaughlin for looking after us so well.
We finished, rushed for a bite to eat and then due to the complete lack of parking near The Mercantile we legged it across to ‘The Sunday Roast’ gig (instruments in hand.)

And the night just got better the crowd were up for the craic, they sang, clapped shouted for more – we absolutely loved it. Thanks John (Brereton) for everything.

We didn’t finish until after midnight – running back across Dublin to the van then a 30 mile journey to Nass, Co. Kildare where we still had to set up tent!

We arrived at the campsite about 1:40am; was the overnight security guard grumpy? – “Aghh no boys yer grand!” He’d reserved a pitch next to a street light to help us with putting the tent up and directly under the CCTV camera because he figured we’d have a lot of equipment in the van. God don’t you just love Ireland? (Jobsworths don’t seem to be allowed in the country)
2:30am big zeds all around! What a day!

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