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Alec Stockton – Bass

Band Profile Alec Stockton

When did you start playing your instrument/singing and why?

I started playing Bass at 12 to join my best friend’s band after seeing Pino Palladino performing with The Who.  I was intrigued at how central the bass was to holding such an excellent group together.

What’s your musical background, broadly speaking (bands you’ve been part of in the past, formative listening)?

I grew up listening to my parents’ record collection, with Bruce Springsteen, The Who and The Jam from my Dad, and Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross and plenty of Motown from my Mum – I was lucky enough to be hearing masters of the low end all the time.  Nowadays, as well as all these artists, I listen to a lot of John Mayer, Biffy Clyro and tonnes of Hip-Hop and Jazz music.

Which artists most influence the way you approach the TGB and how?

Pino Palladino has to be the greatest influence on my playing.  His approach to rhythm and formulating beautifully melodic lines never fails to amaze me.  The tone that he attains from his Precision has really shaped my tone too.  I also take a lot of playing off James Jamerson, Nate Watts and Paul McCartney.

What’s your favourite memory of being in the band so far, musical or otherwise?

Some of my favourite moments with the group has to be in the van travelling to gigs, and our recent journey to and from Painswick really stood out.

Out of gigs you’ve done with the band, which was your favourite and why?

Gig-wise, the sets we did on that day in Painswick were some of the most relaxing and enjoyable that I’ve ever done!  We were all in a great head-space for the gig, the sun was shining and I felt that I played the best that I’ve done since joining TGB.

Favourite TGB song to play and why?

I think it has to be You Got Me, as this was the first TGB track I ever heard after buying the EP.  From Dave’s ridiculous drum beat to the guitar line to the huge instrumental section, that song just makes me grin ear to ear while playing it.

Favourite part of the process? (Writing, rehearsing, gigging, recording, etc.) and why?

As I’m relatively new to the band, I’ve not had the pleasure of recording with the group yet, but I can’t wait to start!  Some of the magical moments that come out of our rehearsals with the incredible musicians that I get to play with have to be up there though.

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