Tom Gee

Tom Gee – Vocals and Lead Guitar

Band Profile Tom Gee
When did you start playing your instrument/singing and why?

I started playing the guitar when I was 15. It was actually because of sheer boredom, I had been very ill and confined to my bed so instead of playing football I picked up a guitar. Singing was always an afterthought for me, something that I felt came with the territory.

What’s your musical background, broadly speaking (bands you’ve been part of in the past, formative listening)?

Cream and The Eagles were one of the main components of any family holiday for me whilst growing up. As a writer I’ve been hugely influenced by John Mayer, Dave Matthews and, more recently, D’Angelo and Jamiroquai.

Which artists most influence the way you approach the TGB and how?

As the frontman I aspire to emulate the Mayers, Matthews and Claptons of the world but, in spite of myself, I tend to talk between songs a lot more than any of those guys do.

What’s your favourite memory of being in the band so far, musical or otherwise?

I think the first time that we played “Get Close” in rehearsal. We all felt that this song was going to be one of our favourites the moment we started to write it and the intensity that we played that song with was unbelievable.

Out of the gigs you’ve done with the band, which was your favourite and why?

Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2014. Brilliant weather, fantastic crowd and the last gig with Jim. Just a very memorable day all round.

Favourite TGB song to play and why?

It has to be You Got Me. I think it’s because I could probably sing every single part that every single instrument plays throughout that song. It just feels great from start to finish every single time we play it.

Favourite part of the process? (Writing, rehearsing, gigging, recording, etc.) and why?

I like the way that most of our songs grow from one tiny idea I might have when I’m in the car or watching TV and seeing how the rest of the band interpret that first idea and contribute is really exciting for me. Each phase is different and I genuinely enjoy them all but nothing beats playing live.

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