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Debut Album, 2014

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  • 10/10/2013

Yeah, debut album and stuff.

Before all that I’d like to share a little story with you. I mosied into my local hairdressing salon to get the usual (short back and sides) the other week and what did I hear on the sound system? Only our EP, Better Things to Do, being cranked out at full volume for the old ladies in the chair next to me to bop along to. As I sat and contemplated the fuzzy feeling I get when they wash my hair it suddenly dawned on me that something had changed inside of me. I knew, even then, that this event had changed my life and my view of the world forever.

We’ve made it. Our music is being played in a hairdressing salon. We’ve made it. The elation at this realisation was so intense it could not even be dampened when the next song selected on shuffle arrived (something by Tinie Tempah).

You might ask why I’m bothering to do a blog, why I still update facebook, surely I have minions to do this for me? But you see by the end of the hairdressing session it became clear to me that I had achieved all my life goals. Where do I go from here? What more can I do? After spending hours on twitter trying to find the meaning of life we have regrouped, set some new targets and we’re 110% committed to …. erm…. the…. errr…. yeah.

So after the success of the EP released earlier this year (rave reviews, reaching #2 on the iTunes Blues Chart and airplay across the globe …as well as salons across West Yorkshire) we’ve decided to go ahead and do it; our debut album. No finalised date yet but we’ll announce something in the next couple of months.

We’re going to redo a couple of songs from the EP and we’ve rejigged and reworked some older stuff as well as some brand new songs.

I’m excited. Very excited.

Working together on the new stuff is interesting. It’s challenging, hard work and it can be brutal sometimes. Quite often I arrive at rehearsal with an idea, something I’ve been working on at home and there are no two ways around it; I’m proud of them. They’re my lyrics, my chord sequences, my melodies, little bits of me I’m showing to the band. Thankfully the band are honest enough to tell me when it’s not good enough. That can hurt. They’re also talented enough to write their parts, make changes and bring the song to the next level. That can be the highlight of my week.

Talking to Dan at Active Audio Studios up in Harrogate about coming back to the studios has been fun, he’s got some ideas already and we’re putting On My Way on the album at his request as he wants to “Nile Rodgers the **** out of it.”

So here we are, thank you to everyone who bought an EP, it’s still available on iTunes and from the website, genuine thanks to Clare at Outlaw, Olly at Ophiuchus, all the DJ’s who plugged it and everyone who made the release such a success. I’m sure you’re looking forward to the album…we can’t wait.


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