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Matthew’s Blog: Better Things to Come

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  • 22/01/2014

As anyone who follows us on Facebook or Twitter will know, last year was a pretty good one for us, but I’d like to think it was just a warm-up for the year to come. A testing of the waters, if you will. Whilst John Mayer didn’t come looking for us to support him on tour on the back of its release, the response we received to our EP ‘Better Things to Do’ was positive to say the least.

Within days of the EP coming out, it had climbed to No.2 in the iTunes Blues Chart alongside the likes of Hugh Laurie and Joe Bonamassa. Six months down the line, we were named Jason Elliott’s ‘Young Act of the Year’ and the title track from the EP was named one of Dave Watkins’ Top Singles of 2013. I’m sure I speak for the rest of the band when I say that the support we have received has been fantastic and it’s all fed into the current crop of songs we’re working on, which are coming along very nicely.

In December we went into the studio with Dan Mizen to do some rough recordings of the songs we were thinking about putting on our first full-length album, which is set to be released this spring. I’m listening to those rough recordings as I write, and I’m even less sure than I was with the EP as to what type of music this is. We’re all bringing a wide range of influences to the table as we did with the writing of the EP, but it feels like we’re all more comfortable in doing so this time around and are taking a few more chances.

One track in particular, which has a working title of ‘Grim’, is decidedly funkier and – dare I say it – hip-hop…ier (?) than anything else we’ve written. It’s definitely our favourite to play at the moment and I think we’re all looking forward to seeing how it’s received. Another of the tracks, ‘Thinking About You’ is on the opposite end of the spectrum and has already suggested itself to us as a closing number for the album that should leave your head bobbing and a smile on your face.

As for the rest of the songs, I’ve been listening to them on repeat for a couple of days now, trying to define them for the purposes of this blog and giving you an idea of what to expect. I think all I can say is this: expect the unexpected. That’s generally been my guideline so far for working with this lovely bunch of people.

If you want to get an idea of what the album is going to sound like, we’ll be recording a live EP with Ont Sofa at the Corn Exchange in Leeds this Saturday at 7.45pm. Entrance is completely free thanks to the lovely people at the Corn Exchange, so there’s no excuse not to come!

Keep your eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts for further updates, especially around mid-February when I expect one of us will give you an update from the studio!

N.B. When I say ‘expect the unexpected’, I don’t mean Death Metal. Or a goose for that matter.

1 Comment on Matthew’s Blog: Better Things to Come

  • Token Keys says:
    22/01/2014 at 11:41 am

    It’s my utmost pleasure to get in on the Gee train, especially at this point on the journey – the tipping point to glory! Well stoked for more musical sordidness this year.

    My only minor concern is prior to joining the TG experience I was most certainly promised wildfowl of some description. I’m therefore moderately vexed to read I’ll be denied album geese. Additionally, to find out via text on a blog?? Frankly inconsiderate, pigeon-hearted and unacceptable behaviour gents.

    Man up next time; if you don’t plan to fulfil your avian promises, break them to my unconventionally alluring, melanin-enhanced face.

    I’ll be expressing my dismay through the medium of song eventually, but in the short term I’ll be playing at least one purposefully wrong chord at our next gig in protest.

    Love you.


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