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  • 25/06/2011

Tom Gee launching ep at the 360 Club Leeds

Okay there were no rocket-propelled grenades but we did launch the EP, sell CD’s and get recorded by the BBC! Yeah really – the performance was recorded for BBC Introducing and will feature on Alan Raw’s show, which goes out on BBC Radio Leeds. Alan is a well known supporter of new music. He had us on the show previously for the launch of the ‘Speak Easy’  E.P. and we’ll be back for an interview next Thursday – don’t miss it!

It was a top night with three other great acts: Neve, Nigel Passey and Love of the Brave [There was something familiar about the guy on the semi-acoustic but I can’t put my finger on it!]. The 360 club is just a proper music venue which attracts a real appreciative and discerning audience who thankfully seemed to love it.

We played all four tacks from our new E.P. ‘Roots’ and they went down a storm and exclusive, hot-off-the-press, CD’s sold really well (thanks Karen and Chris). A massive thanks and well done to Dan, who really was the man, stepping in for Jamie and keeping the Get Out of Bed Tour alive!

Thanks to Richard for promoting the evening, we appreciate it, and to Pete on the sound desk for making us sound so good!  It was great to see Chris Dawkins and Kenny Higgins in the room. A really big thanks also to everyone who came to support us on an epic night – The E.P. Launch, the official start of the Tour, and our last home-county gig for months!  Yep, now we’re off! First stop Manchester. Tonight we’re at the Night ‘n’ Day, Manchester if you’re about pop in and see us. Sunday we head for Liverpool (Django’s Riff a brilliant venue) then it’s off Darn Sarf!

We’ll keep you posted here and in the picture Gallery.

Following last night ‘Roots’ is now available on iTunes. So check it out on the music player below then mozy on over to iTunes and get your very own copy, why don’t you?

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