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TG: A website befitting a Live and Unsigned Grand Finalist!

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  • 13/06/2011

Tom Gee new website It’s been a busy year – Going live on iTunes, a new E.P. Launch imminent, a summer tour of U.K. and Ireland all topped off with winning through to – ‘Live and Unsigned Grand Final at the O2 arena on July 23rd’.

With so much happening we thought it was time to completely renew the website. Time to introduce a new, clear, crisp, fan-friendly website. When considering the new site we had a wish list:

A good blogging platform making easy to keep fans up-to-date

A good music player

Fully integrated social media

Youtube integration

A Gallery 

A method of featuring the very latest breaking news

A great looking Gig-Guide.

A Newsletter sign-up.

A Free mp3 download facility.

Yeah that should do it we said. And just a few weeks later – Hey Presto! It’s here. Communicating to our fan-base (existing and new) has never been so easy. The site’s ability to seamlessly integrate all social media streams was a key requirement. It provides Facebook, Twitter and Flickr integration matching the site style and not some strange looking embedded bolt-on that make so many websites jar visually. Added to this is youtube channel feed to the video page.

The result is to give people who want to find out more about Tom Gee everything they need in one place. No need to surf Google back and forth, hopping around youtube, twitter, myspace etc. It’s all here and we hope you like it.

We aim to keep you right up-to-date and it’s never been so easy for us to do so.

So with news of the ‘Get Out of Bed’ tour, the E.P. launch and of course the build up to the Live and Unsigned Grand Final – You may want to add us to your favourites right now.

We’d love to here your thoughts and any feedback would be much appreciated.

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