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TG: Rehearsing, Printing and Copying. Cant be a REAL MAN!

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  • 22/06/2011

Tom Gee Multi-tasking!My wonderful girlfriend keeps telling me – “Men can’t multitask” (apparently reading on the loo doesn’t count!)

However – On Sunday we shot and edited a promotional video for our E.P. Launch. On Monday after getting the EP mixes back from Roni I took them down to Warwick Pilmer & Tony Bonner at Clipstore in Kirkstall to do the mastering. Took all afternoon but really pleased with the finished product. 

Left the boys at Clipstore to do the copying and printing of the CD and went home to upload the tracks to iTunes ahead of the launch on Friday.  Finalised the design for the inlay and passed to printer so everything in place for Friday.

In between all this we were setting up the rehearsals which are pretty intense all this week, getting up really early (9ish) and playing all day at Bluewood Studios.  Sounds great, everyone moaning, laughing and eating pizza! 

Tickets for the EP launch at the 360 Club going well so should be a good crowd.  First gig on our “Get Out of Bed” tour when we are promoting our Live-and-Unsigned Grand Final performance at the O2.  So with me somehow doing all this at the same time I just can’t be a “Real Man!”

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