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TG: The End of Life as a Student and Jamaican Speedboats!

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  • 02/06/2011

We’re in June, we’re on tour this month and that is a great feeling.

Everything’s hectic at the moment, been some fantastic performances by LCM students as part of the ensemble unit down at the Wardrobe all week, great to see the talent I’ve had the priveledge of performing and learning with for the last 3 years. Can’t believe it’s over to be honest. I’ll be doing my solo performance, joined by my 3 best friends (Dave, Dave and Jim), on 10th June playing a bluesy Clapton-Mayer-Me set, should be a good laugh. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in Bridie Burkinshaw’s performance and David Levi’s, both are sounding great.

So everybody’s busy rehearsing, revising, organising, breathing, the whole shebang and I heard in the news that Sean Kingston crashed his boat into a bridge, it was described as a watercraft accident. Not to be confused with a witchcraft accident as I thought it said at first sight. Obviously it’s terrible news and everyone wishes him a speedy recovery but somebody posed the question what would you do if you had as much money as Sean Kingston?

So what would I do? Well, it’s easier to say what I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t buy a boat, well I might but I wouldn’t buy a boat that I was going to control; I’m a nutcase. Don’t give me a high speed boat and a stretch of water, something’s going to go wrong. I think the main thing is that I’m a bit of a wimp, I’d be way too scared of damaging myself, pathetic I know. I think the fear stems from having to explain to my girlfriend/parents/sisters that I’ve hurt myself. Because even if I survived a tragic watercraft accident, I wouldn’t survive the absolute bollocking they’d give me!

Playing a gig tonight at The Fenton as part of Something In The Loft, a good night in Leeds supporting unsigned bands and artists. David Sudall is joining me on percussion so even if you don’t like me, it’s worth coming down to see a masterful musician at work! We’re on at 9pm.

There are a few exciting things in the pipeline, keep posted for all the updates, you’ll get them here first!


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