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Review – Artrix Theatre, Bromsgrove. 6 Feb 2015
Jo Harman Support

“But first a few words about her support, Tom Gee, who was in acoustic mode, leaving behind the 7 musicians, that make up the Tom Gee Band. His only accompaniment was his 6 string, and a dry Yorkshire wit, the rapport with the audience, was measurable, and the response warm. ‘Dead In The Morning’, is more about clearing the fog of sleep than a TV vampire diary. Well written and well performed, it features on the full bands album Swapping Stories, a bit of soul with a splash of funk. A bit more banter and a song pointing to past girlfriends, ‘Listen To Yourself’, the genre of the full band is funked up Northern Soul meets contemporary blues, without the brass and percussion, the songs become much more personal. Tom has serious writing credibility, the band perform in festivals across the country, Cheltenham Jazz to Hebden Bridge Blues. Closing the set, again from the album, ‘Thinking About You’, needs no explanation, suffice to say, from interval chatter, Tom’s set was well liked, one commented to say if this had been a stand alone gig, it would have been well worth the ticket purchase.”
Graham Munn, Rhythm and Booze.

Reviews for ‘Swapping Stories’

Swapping Stories Album Cover

“Tight vocals, great musicianship, excellent and clear lyrics with brass thrown in too!”
Rory Stanbridge,  [Read full review]

“Swapping Stories is a textbook example of perfect musical punctuation and grammar.” [Read full review]

“Tom Gee and his band deliver a thoughtful range of emotions, combined with vivid snapshots of modern life.  This band have very far to go, and their blend of contemporary Blues and Soul is something I never tire of listening to.”
Jason Elliot, Phoenix FM and Hebden Bridge Blues Festival

Reviews for ‘Better Things to Do’

Album Artwork Picture

“…a strong collection of new tunes from an undervalued UK group”
Steve Boniface, [Read full review]

“The band is an extremely tight and capable outfit, a fact that is made very evident on these numbers.”
Brian Harman, [Read full review]

“With so many talented musicians clearly singing from the same hymn sheet in terms of their target sound, it makes for fun and upbeat listening”
Murray at [Read full review]

“A big band with, hopefully, a big future, the EP is a truly brilliant introduction to the sound of a collective with plenty to recommend them.”
Dennis Hugh at [Read full review]

“As Dury needed The Blockheads and how Paul Young was never the same without The Royal Family, the sum of the parts is gold dust here and it is the Tom Gee Band collectively that makes Better Things to Do work”
Paul Birch at [Read full review]

“Having toured together for almost 5 years now, this is the fourth release from the band, who continue to release classy roots music at a consistently high level.”
Marcus Weekly at [Read full review]

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