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Tom in Australia

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  • 10/09/2015


An incredible couple of months that started with getting married, ended with an amazing honeymoon in Australia. What a place.

I fully expected to be on the end of some serious heckling what with England winning the Ashes but I found everybody over there to be incredibly welcoming and warm, not as warm as the weather – a cool 30 degrees C…in their Winter – but pretty good nonetheless!

We started in Sydney, making our way up the coast towards Brisbane. Sydney is a brilliant city and we took in all the sights; the harbour bridge, opera house, National Australia Museum, The Rocks and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Sometimes when you build things up in your mind you’re fearful of being disappointed but everything was bigger and better than I had hoped for. I’m also happy to report that, after some painstaking research of the local eateries and drinking establishments, Stone & Wood Pale Ale is pretty damn good.

If I told you that the whole trip went off without a hitch I’d be lying. In the beautiful setting of Glenworth Valley, in between seeing a couple of kangaroos and some ancient aboriginal art I had an encounter with a horse called Barry. Needless to say Baz got the better of me but I got back on the horse and I’m no worse for wear. (I definitely didn’t get back on the horse. Barry is a git.) 

We wound our way up the coast via Byron Bay where we watched the sunrise and went whale watching. You know. As you do. It was a Wednesday to be fair. Did I mention we saw a couple of sea turtles and some dolphins as well as humpback whales? Just casually. We were seeing creatures that were genuinely travelling along the EAC DUDE! (Finding Nemo reference.)

We took a short flight from Brisbane to Cairns for the last week of the trip. The first part involved white water rafting down the rapids to Lake Placid, upon reaching the lake our guide commented “Yeah maybe don’t fall out here guys ‘cause the crocs won’t hold back.” In the same manner that a Yorkshireman might remark about a particular brand of teabags. We even managed to fit in some parasailing around Cairns bay and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.

It was rubbish really. Probably never ever go back. Ever. Australia is boring.

I guess the final word must go to the new Mrs. Gee. Niamh is our number 1 fan, number 1 critic and my number 1 wife. We’ve had an amazing start to married life with our family and friends and we’re looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

And never going back to Australia. Ever.


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