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Tom Gee Band Gig Rundown | A C Painswick Festival

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  • 22/07/2014

“I don’t think I’ve ever done a gig in a graveyard before.”

We were stood waiting to head on to the stage at the A C Painswick Festival surrounded by the many people who had been enjoying the amazing variety of things to see – from fashion exhibits to local culinary stands and craft stores.  Now it was nearly time for the music, the main stage was bang in the middle of the village, a quiet little village that had been transformed into a vibrant hub of colour and creativity.

The main stage was also in the middle of a graveyard.

Painswick Tom Gee Band Gig

I can’t honestly say that I was expecting Alec to say those words in that order last Sunday, but say them he did and it got me thinking; have we ever done a gig in a more surreal setting than this?  I had flashbacks to a gig in a barn with birds flying around our heads and one gig we did outside in the snow.  It’s pretty hard to top a graveyard though.

“I’ve done a few gigs that felt like they were in graveyards.”  Those are the words of Mr Tolu Ajayi, apparently a veteran of numerous gigs in the company of those less than alive.  I cast my mind back and it’s unnervingly easier to recall those gigs that felt like they were in graveyards than those in surreal surroundings.

I guess this is just part and parcel of life as a musician; new venues, traditional venues, big crowds, smaller crowds, lively crowds and those not so lively.  Nothing wrong with a bit of variation and with what we do you have to be prepared for almost every eventuality.

I’m glad to report that the crowd were excellent and funnily enough it didn’t feel like we were playing in a graveyard.  We’re off to Essex next to play at the New Crawdaddy Blues Club.  Should be a cracker, we’ll see you there.


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